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AT&T & T-Mobile Stop Sales Of Galaxy Note 7

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AT&T & T-Moblie stop sales of the Galaxy Note 7 amid issues with replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Two Major US Carriers Halt Sales Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

AT&T and T-Mobile both announced today that they would be halting sales of the Galaxy Note 7 with reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7 with the new batteries having issues with burning and exploding.

AT&T states that they will replace any exchanged Galaxy Note 7’s with either another Samsung phone or a different phone of the customers choice.  “Based on recent reports, we’re no longer exchanging new Note 7s at this time, pending further investigation of these reported incidents,”  an AT&T spokesperson said.

T-Mobile says “While Samsung investigates multiple reports of issues, T-Mobile is suspending all sales of the new Note7 and exchanges for replacement Note7 devices.” T-mobile will offer the choice of a full refund, substitution of another Samsung smartphone or different smartphone in addition to a one-time $25 credit.

With two major carrier stopping sales of the Galaxy Note 7 it may not be long before Verizon and Sprint will do the same. This couldn’t come at the worst time for Samsung as it positions the Galaxy Note 7 to compete against the iPhone 7 and other smartphones coming out during the end of 2016.

Source: Engadget, Mashable



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