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BenQ InstaShow: The Simplest, Most Secure, Plug & Play, Wireless Presentation Solution

Ban the App Creep, Secure Your Devices, and Easily Present
InstaShow: The Simplest, Most Secure Plug & Play Wireless Presentation Solution

If you’ve ever attended a meeting, more than likely you’ve downloaded an app or an entire software platform to share your screen. It seemed simple at the time, but then, you never used the program ever again. Maybe you even thought, “no harm in leaving it there,” instead of uninstalling it. App creep is the continuous and thoughtless addition of apps on a laptop, phone or tablet that are laying down a pathway for potential hackers, malware, and security problems down the road. Even if completely legitimate, these apps could become outdated and vulnerable because your system administrator doesn’t know you installed it.

BenQ’s InstaShow WDC10 wireless presentation system eliminates not only the app creep for meeting software but also the CIA-level security clearance from IT needed for participants. By using a hardware solution, organizations can take a step toward reducing app creep not only for internal users, but visitors as well. With the push of a button, up to 16 users can share content seamlessly and in high-quality video from any notebook — even the latest models equipped with
USB-C — without hassling with cables, connectors, drivers, and most importantly, software.

InstaShow is a true plug-and-play, no-software solution that wirelessly connects a user’s computer to a central display or projector without requiring driver installation or compatibility with any OS or hardware platform. With InstaShow, any participant — even a guest — can automatically take control of the meeting and share content with the group without slowing down the presentation, disrupting the flow of conversation, and without downloading yet another app that can be a potential point of entry from unwanted hackers. The system also sets a new benchmark in the number of participants or devices that can be shared, with up to 16 different input sources. Most systems max out at eight, leaving users scrambling to trade off and slowing down meetings.

Completely hardware-based and user-friendly, InstaShow’s setup and connection are as fast and simple as plugging the button into the user’s HDMI or USB-C port and tapping it. InstaShow, there are no IT hoops to jump through or third-party apps or software to download, making it the ultimate secure huddle or conference room wireless presentation solution.

InstaShow is compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems and works with any display with an HDMI port. It also supports up to four different split screens. The result? Vastly improved working efficiency among colleagues. And one of the best parts? New opportunities in network collaboration without additional facility investment or training — all at a push of a button.

The WDC10 portfolio shares images up to 1080p, and the latest model, the WDC10C, is designed for compatibility with the latest notebooks using the new USB-C connector. InstaShow buttons can mix and match with either USB-C or HDMI models in the same room to accommodate any device. A new version, the WDC20, will be released in Q4 2019 and adds 4K support to transmit ultra-high-quality, UHD content.

To see how easily it works, check out this video: https://youtu.be/9fpeCfS2uA0. Then contact InGear to take InstaShow for a test drive.

Review units are now available! Please let us know if you’re interested in testing either the HDMI or USB-C version of BenQ’s InstaShow to facilitate your wireless presentations.

Analysts interested in scheduling a briefing with BenQ to learn more about its latest collaboration solutions, including InstaShow, should contact veronica@ingearpr.com.

InstaShow WDC10 Key Features 
• Simple: Connect and push one button for wireless HDMI presentations.
• Secure: App-free architecture does not require loading any extra apps on notebooks or networks to use the system.
• Flexible: Can share HDMI content from up to 16 different sources, replacing traditional AV switchers.
• IT-friendly: No special network setup, VLAN, or other configuration needed to setup a meeting room.
• Safe: Utilizes advanced 128-bit AES encryption to keep confidential presentations safe from hackers.
• Smooth Video: User-controlled Video Mode for smooth video presentations.
• USB-C and HDMI Button Options: Direct support for USB-C Notebooks, including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Can mix and match InstaShow buttons in the same room to best fit the notebook port offering.
• Award-winning modern industrial design.

Additional Details 
Availability Status: USB-C ships in June
Price (MSRP): $999 for WDC10 and $1,099 for WDC10C
Carrier: BenQDirectAmazonB&H, and other retailers
Status of review units: Ready to ship, choose HDMI or USB-C
Basic specs: http://bit.ly/InstaShowPage

Product Photo: http://bit.ly/InstaShowPhoto
Review Guide: http://bit.ly/InstaShow_ReviewGuide
Press Release: http://bit.ly/instaShowPR
White Paper: http://bit.ly/InstaShowWhitePaper
How To: Choosing a Wireless Presentation System: http://bit.ly/InstaShow_HowTo

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