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Best SteelSeries Headsets for the Steam Deck

Here are some excellent options:
If you’re looking for an amazing-sounding high-end wireless experience, look no further than the SteelSeries Arctis 7+. With a 30 hour battery life, it’ll outlast the battery on your Steam Deck… Then you can put the extra juice to use on your PC, PS4, PS5, Android device, Nintendo Switch, or Oculus Quest 2. Plus if you forgot to charge it, a short 15 minute charge will give you over 3 hours of play time!
For a more affordable wired option, where battery life is no longer a factor, consider the Arctis Prime headset. These have the exact same drivers and sound performance of SteelSeries’ more premium-priced headsets, so if you’re willing to work with a wire.. It’s an absolute bargain.
In addition to the Arctis 7+ and Arctis Prime, here’s a complete list of compatible headsets for the Steam Deck. From our testing, the best experience is with products that have either our USB-C dongle or the 3.5mm jack.

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