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Big Spring Xbox One Update Brings 1440p And Shared Controls

Microsoft is bringing 1440p, Shared Controllers while streaming and more in this year's Spring Xbox One Update.

New Xbox One Update Gives 1440p Gaming And More

It’s getting close to spring which means the 2018 Xbox One Spring Update is coming up soon and Microsoft has released what you can expect in the update. Two significant features are 1440p gaming and sharing your controller while streaming.

Xbox One 1440p Gaming

The Xbox One X and One S will support 1440p resolution. It’s sometimes referred as 2K since it falls between 1080p and 4K. You tend to find this resolution more commonly found on PC monitors, especially gaming ones. It makes sense to support this since there are gamers who might not have a 4K tv but have a high res monitor that supports 1440p. Some gamers also prefer to game at this resolution as well.

Share Your Controller With Your Viewers

Another update is the Mixer streaming app. You will be able to share your controller with a viewer while playing. You can share the whole controller expect the Xbox button and the viewer can control through an onscreen gamepad or plug in a controller. Now you the option to work together or possible cause some trouble for your favorite streamer.

Improve Audio Controls

With the 2018 Xbox One Spring Update, you will be able to balance music and game audio better. Within the guide, you will be able to change the volume of background game music and your own music. So if you have that playlist you like to bump to while gaming, you’ll be able to crank up the volume ore the in-game music. Systems sounds have also been updated for spatial audio when using surround sound.

There are some more updates to Microsoft Edge, Club Owners and more. See the blog post from Xbox on the full details of the new update rolling out to insiders with release to everyone coming shortly after.

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