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Blue Ant T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset Unboxing & Review

Blue Ant T1
Blue Ant gives us the T1 which is promoted as a rugged Bluetooth headset that is suppose to work up to 22 mph. Does it?


The T1 for being pushed as a rugged device has a nice sleek look to it.  The headset has solid plastic feel to it with with a smooth finish on the outside. Below the mic grates there is a LED indication and above that there is 1 multi-function button. Inside you have an earpiece port and a power switch that slide up and down and on the back there is a micro USB charging port. Overall the hardware feel good and it should last a long while.


Using the T1 I found the call quality to be excellent.  People that I called could hear me clear and some even commented that they didn’t even noticed that I was on a Bluetooth headset. Even when in a car driving or walking past a lot of traffic people would say they could hear a bit of the background but mainly me. Setup was fairly easy and connected just fine with Android but there is an App as well to connect the device and have it read SMS messages back to you. I couldn’t get the read back for the SMS to work but I would think that’s more on the app and androids limitations with some Bluetooth devices.  Voice commands do not work with Android fully as if yet and this is a limitation of Android not the T1. You can tell the T1 to turn on the voice commands for your android phone and use the built in voice commands on there which is ok but not smooth.  The earpiece also felt comfortable in the ear and I could have the headset on for hours and it would feel fine.


Overall I find this headset to be one of the top Bluetooth headsets that I have used.  The call quality is the biggest standout for me with this as I was able to comfortable talk and listen without worrying people were not hearing me well cause I am on a headset.  The T1 should be at the top of your listen when you are looking for a quality Bluetooth headset.

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