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Blue Micrphone announces Blue Raspberry Portable USB Mic

Blue Raspberry
Blue Microphone announces the Blue Rasberry. Quality studio mic recording on the go.

Blue Microphone announced today the Blue Raspberry portable microphone. The new mic works with Windows, MAC, and iOS devices. It’s designed to give you premium stereo quality on the go.  The Raspberry features patented microphone circuitry that delivers the clarity of a large-diaphragm studio microphone in a small, portable format. Raspberry is specifically tuned to sound great up close or at tabletop distance—giving you optimal sound wherever you choose to place the mic and captures audio in 24bit/48Mhz. The mic uses a cardio pattern for recording with the Blue logo being the front of the pattern.  The mic works with several audio applications like GarageBand, Opinion Podcasts, Sound Cloud and more. The Blue Raspberry is available now on Amazon for $200. Check out the video, images and press release from Blue below.




Press Release:

Blue Unveils Raspberry, a Vocal Studio
in the Palm of Your Hand

The ultimate mobile USB microphone from Blue features a patented design that delivers professional studio results for voice and instruments—no matter where you are

(Westlake Village, CA – September 27, 2016) Blue, a 20-year leading innovator in audio technology and creators of the world’s #1 USB microphones, today announces Raspberry, a premium mobile USB and iOS microphone that delivers professional studio-quality audio from anywhere. Ideal for podcasts, on-location interviews, live streams, voice-overs, audio for YouTube, and music, Raspberry allows users to create incredible recordings beyond the constraints of a desktop studio. Building on Blue’s studio heritage, Raspberry features patented microphone technology and new patent-pending internal acoustics to provide clear, focused sound that’s like having a portable vocal studio in the palm of your hand.

“Raspberry is the ultimate microphone for modern creators looking to extend their recording capabilities beyond the desktop studio,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue. “With our patented circuitry and internal acoustic design, Raspberry delivers the performance of a professional studio microphone—anywhere. People today are creating outside the box and outside the studio, and with Raspberry, they have a professional USB and iOS mic that provides performance to match their ambitions.”

Raspberry takes mobile content creation to a higher level with patented premium microphone technology that delivers the clarity of elite studio microphones in a small, portable format. And the incredibly versatile condenser capsule is specifically tuned to sound great up close or at tabletop distance, so there’s no need to worry about mic placement.

Recording on-the-go means setting up at a host of different locations, and Raspberry provides several features to maintain pristine sound anywhere. The new, patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) —similar to the acoustical treatments found in professional studios and world class concert halls—focuses on the voice or instrument and minimizes environmental sounds by diffusing noise and reflections. Raspberry also features an integrated stand that minimizes contact with the desktop and isolates the microphone from vibrations and noise that can ruin a recording.

Raspberry makes it easy to set up and start creating with compatibility for any recording app, and plug-and-play operation for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. Onboard professional controls include a headphone jack and built-in volume control for effortless live monitoring, along with microphone gain (sensitivity) and mute. Raspberry also comes with a soft-suede carrying pouch for worry-free transport between recording locations. The mic folds up into the integrated stand for extra protection and easy transport.

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