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Blue Satellite Bluetooth Headphones Now Available

The New Blue Satellite headphones with Bluetooth, built-in amp and more are now available for $399.99.

One of the products that I saw at CES this year that I was very excited for is the Blue Satellite Bluetooth headphones. They officially go on sale today for a $399.99 price point which is on the higher spectrum of headphones, but from my testing, at CES they may well be worth the price.

The Blue Satellite headphones come in either white or black with a built-in audiophile amp and two separate custom tuned 44mm drivers in each earcup so that you retain high-quality audio even when having active noise canceling with one dedicated to high fidelity auto and another to noise cancellation.

Blue Sattelite

They support Bluetooth 4.1 with Apt-x codec support for a robust listening experience. The also claim 24 hours of battery life on a single charge. You’ll be able to turn on and off the build in AMP and active noise canceling to help conserve battery life.

When I tried the Blue Sattelite at CES, I was very impressed with how well the ANC worked on the show floor. A DJ spinning records in the booth, noise from other booths and people from the show floor and I was connected right to an iPad, and the headphones were able to cut off the majority of the background noise completed out.


There was also no drop-off or cut off of the audio which is also impressive considering how many wireless frequencies are being used and abused during a major show like CES.  For a closer look take a look at the video below which include the new Satellite headphones and also the Planar and Ellie wired headphones from Blue

We will be patiently waiting for our review unit to come in but if you are interested in picking them up right away, they are available at Amazon, Frys, Best Buy  Newegg, Fry’s, Dell and Microcenter for an MSRP of $399.99.



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