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Bringing PC Gaming to the Cloud with GeForce NOW

It’s open — yet home to the most demanding gamers and games. It’s backwards compatible — yet powerful enough to deliver on the promise of whatever’s next.

These paradoxes don’t just keep PC gamers hooked. They give PC gamers the ultimate power — of choice, performance and the latest tech.

And all that is about to transform the cloud. And that’s why, with GeForce NOW, we’ve built a service that extends the openness, flexibility and power of PC gaming, bringing it to any device, anywhere.

Why We Love PC Gaming

There are more than 1.2 billion PC gamers — more than ever. And the reason so many play on PCs is because there are so many possibilities.

PC gamers can compete with precision using a keyboard and mouse, or kick back with the latest controller. They can fire up old favorites or try the newest releases. They can spend hours in a raid or take on a quick match in the biggest free-to-play games.

And they can look forward to something new, as every year, PC gaming gets better.

At NVIDIA, we’ve spent more than 25 years bringing new innovations —like programmable shaders, physics and ray tracing — to PC gamers. Gamers we talk to every day.

And, over the years we’ve been working on cloud gaming, we’ve learned that these hundreds of millions of gamers want more PC gaming, not less.

More PC Gaming, Just in the Cloud

We’re working to build a gaming service around PC gamers. The typical gamer in our current beta already owns more than 50 games. So, we’re working with existing PC game stores and publishers so you can play the games you already own.  And if you buy it, you own it – for life.

We’re taking the benefits of PC gaming to more places. GeForce NOW lets you play your games on other devices, like your MacBook or smartphone when you’re away from home.

Wherever you go, you’ll never leave your latest gaming adventures behind: GeForce NOW synchronizes your game saves. With regular server upgrades and the latest updates already installed and ready to stream, your favorite games will play better and better — as if you’d brought your favorite games to a new rig.

And, like the PC itself, this open platform also gives you more options. Just reach for your favorite PC gaming app, such as Discord, and chances are it’s already there – with more coming all the time.

That’s why GeForce NOW is what it is, because where others see paradox, we see power. Cloud gaming is going to extend and improve PC gaming by taking it to more places.

GeForce NOW is PC gaming in the cloud.

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