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BWOne Changes To Evolve: A Website Design For A Better Experience

BWOne Site Design 2016
BWOne Site Design 2016
BWOne changes to a new site design for a better experience and continue to evolve to provide high quality content for you.

As you may have noticed we here at BWOne have updated our site design for the first time in 3 years. Our previous design served us very well but it was time to make a change and I believe you will enjoy our brand new site.

A Better Experience

The site is design to bring our content to you front and center and easy on the eyes to read. Speaking of reading you will notice on each post there will be an estimated read time so you can know how long an article will be. Be sure to bookmark the longer ones just incase you don’t have time to finish in one sitting!

You will also notice the overall speed of the site. It’s much faster and response. There is now a lot of focus on keeping the site fast. We got this way by cleaning up old post, removed posts that were not needed (more on that below), cleaning up lots of code from our now 9 year old database. We cleaned out over 20,000 rows of code out of the database which has increased speeds dramatically.

An Increased Focus On Quality

We deleted over 1900 post here on the site. The reason for that many were low quality, old and unneeded. A lot of these post accumulated from over the 9 years that BWOne has been around and while it was fun to take a trip down memory lane, it was far more important to improve the quality of the content on the site and reflect how much better we have become since our humble beginnings. With all those post removed we also removed over 11,000 pictures that were related to those post. We’re now running leaner, cleaner, more efficient to provide higher quality content.

BWOne Will Be Constantly Evolving

As you take a look around the new site, you will notice the new elements and some familiar ones. This is done on purpose to not push too much change all at once, but we will be changing much more consistently. We have been a tech, gaming and how to’s centric site for a long time and we plan to keep that going. However we are looking to add more elements in the near future which will shape the look and feel of the site. We’re looking to add some lifestyle, fitness, baking and entertainment elements to give more variety to the content that we offer. Don’t worry this isn’t going to instantly going to take over the majority of what we offer, we will of course evaluate how well that content does and it will govern how much of it we do. This is all about constantly evolving and when things change we will be along for the ride.  We’re also trying a couple of new ad format since those pay the bills here and will make sure that it doesn’t impact use experience here on the site.

So there are still a few wrinkles that we will need to iron out on the site but go ahead and take a look at what we have here and trust me there is more high quality content to come and I thank you for continue to support us here at BWOne.com

Always remember to..

Live Your Tech World In High Definition!

Check out the new site.

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