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BWOne.com Update: 10 Million Video Views And More

We hit 10 million total video views and updates to BWOne.com

We’ve achieved another milestone for BWOne.com We’ve hit over 10 million total video views for our YouTube Channel. This remarkable feat would not have been possible without our loyal subscribers and everyone who has watched any of our YouTube videos. I want to thank each and every one of you and let you know just how much I appreciate all of you who support BWOne.com. Once again Thank You!

We are bringing some changes to our video reviews with now doing a variety of different formats for reviews. We’ll still do our standard style but we are going to shake things up more. We also have a couple of new reviewers in Alex Omoniyi (who has posted reviews in the past) and Kenny Altman which both will contribute their technical expertise to BWOne.com. We will also be doing more unboxing. They are a popular style of video for tech and we’re going to do much more in-depth and detailed unboxing and make more of an effort to tie them into  our final review and a more fluid way without repeating too much content which happens a lot more often then not with a lot of tech videos across YouTube. We will aos be bringing you more how to videos which is something we have been lacking in recently and had always been very popular content for us. So expect to see more of that soon.

Thanks for support BWOne.com and always remember to Live Your Tech World In High Definition!

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I have a deep passion for everything tech. From gadgets to gaming I get it all and love giving my opinions, reviews and analysis on all things tech. Live Your Tech World In High Definition!


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