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Do you want Microsoft To Make A Surface Phone?

As the title says. Would you want a Microsoft Surface Phone? I think the time is now to bring it!

So Apple has its iPhone, Google has its Nexus and Microsoft has….. well nothing just yet. While they have put out a string of Lumia phones since their purchase of Nokia’s smartphone business, there has been a lack of a true flagship Windows Phone for about the last two years.  The last top tier phone we saw was the Lumia 930/Icon that didn’t make it across all carriers and was branded different on Verizon.  It’s been too long and with Windows 10 on the way Microsoft needs to bring out Windows Phone 10 with a bang. They need to create a Surface Phone.

Why a Surface Phone? The Lumia branding while good never really took off in terms of respect at the high end level with consumers. Nokia here in the US isn’t viewed as a premium brand as it does in other countries and since the purchase from Microsoft it has mostly been a entry level to mid-range brand of products. Microsoft is have great success with the Surface hybrid computers especially the Surface Pro 3 and new Surface 3. So it would really make sense to continue with that branding and bring a flagship Windows Phone under the Surface name.  I also think they should bring two phones to market. A Surface Phone and a Surface Phone XL. Below is what I would hope the specs for each phone would be.

Surface Phone

  • 5.5 ” QHD Display
  • Quad Core Processor
  • 3 GB Ram
  • 32-128 GB of storage
  • Expandable storage
  • 16-20 Megapixel Pureview Camera
  • 4K Video capture (High Bitrate)
  • Premium Build Material

Surface Phone XL

  • 6  ” QHD Display
  • 8 Core Processor
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 64-128 GB of storage
  • Expandable storage
  • Removable battery
  • 16-24 Megapixel Pureview Camera
  • 4K Video capture (High Bitrate)
  • Premium Build Material
  • Split Screen / Multitasking capabilities

If Microsoft wants to make a serious place in the mobile market again they really need to look at putting out some phones with the specs that I listed above. I think that those specs will make a great true high end smartphone for the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem. They need to get it out to the world and for the US it must be available on all carriers. I go more into this in detail in the video below so check that out and be sure to share your thoughts below.

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