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FEIYUTECH SPG 2 Smartphone Gimble Review: From Start To Finish

While the Feiyutech SPG 2 Smartphone Gimble is well built. The software and user experience need a lot of improvements to match.

An Exciting Beginning with the Feiyutech SPG 2

When I received the Feiyutech SPG 2 mobile gimble, I was thrilled as I’ve been looking for a gimble that would allow me to take great photos and exceptionally smooth video with the various smartphones that I use.

Opening the box, you’ll find a well-built gimble made of mostly metal with a soft grip handle and plastic legs at the bottom that opens up tripod legs.  You have a joystick and multifunction knob to control the movement of the gimble along with a headphone jack, OLED display, function, trigger, and horizontal adjustment buttons.

The SPG 2 is a 3-Axis gimble with the ability to provide smooth 360-degree panning, tilt and roll motion at 320 degrees. The gimbal is mountable onto other tripods and accessories that support ¼ -20 thread.

There is an included 26650 mAh battery that should give you about 14 hours of runtime and can also charge the smartphone you are using at the same time. Most smartphones will fit the SPG2 gimble with support up to 3.75 inches wide. I was able to fix a Galax Note 9 and an iPhone Xs Max just fine. The SPG 2 supports both iPhone and Android devices and has apps for both.  Now all of this sounds like a great package, but unfortunately, the experience didn’t match up to it.

A Troublesome Experience With The SPG 2

From the beginning, I had issues with the Feiyutech SPG2 gimble. It started with the gimble having problems connecting to my phone via Bluetooth. The connection was spotty and wasn’t long before I lost it and had to reconnect it again. It happens at random with no timing. Sometimes it would be every 5 minutes, other times it would be 20 minutes. The connection drop happens on both Android and iOS smartphones.

There are also issues with which app to use. There is the Vicool app which the instructions point you to download, but when you do, that app directs you towards the Feiyu ON app for a “better experience.” The Feiyu ON app is not the best design app for usage and consistently lost connection with the SPG2. Some settings seemed to have been lost in translation and not properly localized for U.S. users.

SPG 2 also had power issues. Randomly at times, the system would just shut down, even with a full battery. Now when I was able to get it powered on long enough. I had issues getting in the proper modes. I couldn’t get it to set itself into portrait mode without it spinning randomly out of control and then just dying. I also noticed when it was on and running; it didn’t take very long for the top part of the gimble to heat up with minimal usage.

At The Finish Hoping For Improvements

It was a frustrating experience. I was looking forward to the SPG 2 smartphone gimble. They were kind enough to send the 2nd unit to test again, but I ended up with the same issues with that one as well. The build quality is something I like about the SPG 2, but when the experience doesn’t match its hard to look past it.

With any negative view, I’m not out to bash a company or a product. I did provide this feedback to FEIYUTECH to improve the product as I like the build quality and would like to see them add a way to extend the gimble out some for long-range shots. But it’s clear that the execution still needs work and I’m looking forward to seeing the improvement they make in the next one.

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