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Galaxy S20 Verizon launch info

ARE YOU READY!!! Tomorrow is Samsung Galaxy S20 launch day and we are psyched to have both the Galaxy S20+ 5G and the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G available at all Verizon stores and online. Here a few quick tips you should know.
  • We will be getting a version of the smaller Galaxy S20 5G in the next few months that will include both MMW and Sub6, so get ready for more news about that in the coming weeks.
  • Both current phones work on our 5G Ultra Wideband network (MMW) and our 5G low-band network, coming later this year.
  • I made an adorable video featuring all the awesome things about the Galaxy S20, because I have no shame. Feel free to laugh: https://youtu.be/hlAlPFTpWG0
We’ve also added a ton of awesome promos to help get it into your hands easier.
  • Buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G or Galaxy S20+ 5G and get $1,050 towards another Galaxy S20, when you add a new line and purchase the phone on a Verizon Device Payment plan. (Stacks with #2 $150 offer)
  • New and existing customers can save an additional $150 when you buy a new Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. This discount is given in 24 month bill credits. (Stacks with #1 BOGO offer or #3 $300 offer)
  • Existing customers can save up to $300 if you upgrade to a new Galaxy S20 and trade-in your existing smartphone and have an active Verizon Unlimited plan. (Stacks with #2 $150 offer)
  • Finally, if you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G or S20+ 5G on Verizon and have a Verizon Unlimited plan, you get a free six months subscription to the Hatch streaming game service. Hatch is a new way to game, giving you instant access to 100+ premium games in one made-for-5G app.  (Stacks with all offers)
  • Buy one Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch Active and get one free (up to $380 off second via 24 monthly credits). One new line and a device payment plan are required.
  • Buy Galaxy S10e on a Verizon device payment plan and get one free. One new line and unlimited plan required. Buy device stacks with $100 off GS10 family promo. That gets you two phones for $500!
  • Spend $200 on accessories in one transaction and upload the receipt to redeem for a $50 gift card.
Pricing is as follows:

  • Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB is $49.99 a month on Verizon Device Payment ($1,199.99 retail)
  • Galaxy S20+ 5G 512GB is $56.24 a month on Verizon Device Payment ($1,349.99 retail)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB is $58.33 a month on Verizon Device Payment ($1,399.99 retail)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 512GB is $66.66 a month on Verizon Device Payment ($1,599.99 retail)

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