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Galaxy S6 Needs To Be A Gigantic Hit

Samsung to debut the Galaxy S6 on March 1st in Barcelona and here is why I think they are going to bring the big guns!


We just got our invite for  the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event happening in Barcelona Sunday, March 1st. A few interesting things about the teaser photo is that it looks like it’s showing the bottom edge of the phone and what may have a curved display similar to what we saw début with the Galaxy Note Edge last year.  Many rumors are pointing to two devices debuting. A standard Galaxy S6 and a Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung needs to make a gigantic hit here with the Galaxy S6 coming off the lackluster Galaxy s5.

For rumored Galaxy S6 specs the big features we are hearing that the display will stay around 5.1 inches and will be a Quad HD Super AMOLED display, 20 Megapixel camera with OIS, 5 Megapixel front-facing camera with real-time HDR shooting, a 64 Bit 8 core processor that will be Samsung’s own Exynos processor and not the Snapdragon processor we usually see for the US variants of Galaxy smartphones. Their will be 32 GB, 64 GB and 126 GB storage options, built-in wireless charging, metal and glass body, 2550 maH battery with quick charge that can give the phone four hours of battery life in just 10 minutes. It’s also rumored that we will see the début of Samsung Pay to rival Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Also what’s interesting is that the name of the event is now “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked.” There isn’t an episode number and they have added the name Galaxy to it which makes me believe that this will be an event that will look to refocus the Galaxy brand as the top-tier of Samsung products. Either way we look forward to seeing  what Samsung has coming for the next Galaxy Smartphones. We’ll make sure to cover all the details for you.

My thoughts on this is that Samsung knows they need to hit a home run. The Galaxy S5 last year was an ok phone but did not wow many critics and sales were slower than previous versions.  Metal and glass body is a must especially how well the Galaxy Alpha build quality is and the Galaxy A5 and A3 builds. I think  Samsung going with their own processor is a good idea here as it seems that it will make software and development support easier for them. Any time iv’e gone to a press event and demoed the last Samsung device show it’s usually the Exynos version and everything seems to run faster and smoother. It tends to change a bit once we get the US version with a Snapdragon processor and carrier bloat. Hopefully with the Exynos processor and Samsung and Google working together with Android 5.0 and Touch Wiz we will get a spectacular software experience.

I’m hoping for the storage options to still have external SD card support and removable battery. This has been a key feature that has set Samsung apart from its competitors. Let’s hope they keep it in there. Also I do believe we are going to see two different phones debut with your standard fully spec’d out and power Galaxy S6 and your equal specs but unique Galaxy S6 Edge with a curved display. I’m hoping that the display gets curved on both sides as it would make it useful for both left and right-handed people.

I’m excited here for what Samsung is bringing next. They we’re told by the lower sales last year that they will need to bring it this year. Let’s see what happens. Let me know what you think and what you want to see in the next Galaxy phone from Samsung.

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