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Game Gripper Review

Game Gripper
The Game Gripper wants to give you real game controls on a mobile phone. Let’s see if it helps up get a better grip on our games.


The Game Gripper is made of a solid but flexible rubber material. Button are made of plastic with some solid colors and some clear colors.  The Game Gripper is design to slide on the top of your phones keyboard and for this review we had the Droid 1 version but there are different version for different phones that you can get from their website.


Each button on the Game Gripper covers a specific key which they have listed on their website. To map out the buttons you will need to go to the game your play controls or the rom app you are using and map out the keys. After you have it mapped out perfectly you can being playing your favorite games. The game I used to test the Game Gripper is what I consider the greatest Super Mario game ever made Super Mario Bros. 3 and I used the Super Mario All-Stars rom to play it.  The Game Gripper makes the games much more playable that it would when playing on just the keyboard. It take some getting used to since its feels different from a standard controller but it makes the games much more fun to play and easier to control. There are some instances where the Game Gripper will slide off sometimes during the game but not enough to bother you.


Game Gripper provides a great way to play your games on your mobile phone.  Its about $15 or so for one and at that price you can’t lose. The Game Gripper is a definite recommended.


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