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Get Cyberlink Director Suite LE For Free Courtesy Of BWOne

Cyberlink and BWOne have teamed up for an exclusive offer for content creators. Get Director Suite LE for free!

Start Editing Photos And Videos In Style with Cyberlink Director Suite LE

BWOne has teamed up with the good folks over at Cyberlink to offer you some free premium software for video and photo editing. Cyberlink now provides PowerDirector15 LE, PhotoDirector8 DE, AudioDirector7 LE and ColorDirector5 LE building into Director Suite LE free.

Cyberlink’s suite of digital media production software is a great way to learn how to produce high-quality video and photos without the need for expensive software or video lessons. In my years of creating content for BWOne, PowerDirector, and PhotoDirector became two of my most used tools to produce content. I learned a lot in using the software. It’s the best feature is its ease of use. Your able to do some advanced editing with just a few clicks. Below is some more info about each product in the suite.

CyberLink PowerDirector 15 LE

PowerDirector 15 is a powerful full video editing software. The software takes a straightforward approach with advanced features. You have two interfaces, Magic Movie Wizard mode which will group all your pics, video and music together and automatically create the video for you or the more conventional multi-track timeline for a more traditional video editing style. For even more advanced features there are VR and 360-degree video plugins available too. This is one of the most advanced and easy video editing programs to use.

CyberLink PhotoDirector 8 DE

PhotoDirector 8 DE gives you everything you need to manage and edit your photos. Much like PowerDirector, it combines advanced editing tools with ease of use.  You can edit RAW files along with standard JPG, PNG and TIFF images.  This works great for making thumbnails for videos and also for editing photos for the blog post.  I always need to tweak photos and add watermarks to my images before posting, and this software offers everything needed to get the job done.

CyberLink AudioDirector 7 LE

One of the big lessons I learned in my journey in content creation is that audio quality is just as important as video quality. AudioDirector 7 LE will give you the ability to tune your audio to perfection. AudioDirector works with PowerDirector and lets you sync separately recorded audio to video, voice-over clips and clean up audio.  You also get advanced features like a vocal transformer, pitch bender, multi-track mixing and automatic correction tools.

CyberLink ColorDirector 5 LE

ColorDirector is where you can really fine-tune the colors in your video or be creative and change colors around and tune the lighting to gain the right effect you want.  You can add HDR effects, split toning, play with preset looks to get a specific look or style of the video to set the mood you want your viewers to experience. The software integrates tightly with PowerDirector.

If your looking to start producing content for YouTube or social media this suite is a great way to get going. The tools are there for you to get professional quality content and help you learn on your journey as a digital media content creator.

To download the free Cyberlink Director Suite LE gift copy, you will need to click the link below and provide your name, email and you’ll be set to you. The offer does have a time link so don’t hesitate to sign up and download your copy ASAP!

Sign up here to download Cyberlink Director Suite LE

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