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How To Enable And Use Hyper-V In Windows 8

Using Hyper-V is a great way to test out Windows 10 and more. Check out how to here!

How To Enable And Use Hyper-V in Windows 87-1

Windows Hyper-V is a great virtualization tool that Microsoft has included into Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro for consumers.  It’s a great way to test new software without dedicating hardware to it. It’s also a great basic tool to get folks into the world of system virtualization.  To begin is very simple I’ve listed the steps below.

  • Make sure your processor support virtualization and you have it turned on in BIOS. Consult your system manual to check this.
  • In Windows right click on the start menu and choose Programs & Features.
  • Choose Turn Windows Features On Or Off
  • Click the check box for Hyper-V and click Ok. You will need to reboot one the install is finished
  • After the reboot go to your Start Screen and you’ll see the Hyper V Manager. Click on it to open.

From here this is where we will setup our first virtual machine which we go over in the video below!

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