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HTC One S Review

HTC One S Is A Premium Phone In A Mid Range Level for T-Mobile. Here is our video review.

The HTC One S is device that exemplifies excellence. Or potential excellence. Everything from the outward in screams intuitive design and spec heavy sheets. Even though HTC is struggling financially,it isn’t showing in their product line.

HTC One S Is A Premium Phone In A Mid Range Level

From the beautiful 4.3 SuperLCD screen, 1750mah battery (enough to get you through the day and then some), beyond beautifully crafted design, and running some of the best mobile software, in Android 4.0, you’d be hard pressed to find another device that drastically improves on its flaws.

By saying that, HTC has to get rid of their touch interface Sense, as it is the only “common sense” thing to do at this point in the game, Android users differ from most consumers in various ways. Mostly because of price and choice. Choice is the single best aspect of a platform a consumer can ask for,. Strip down the skin, add Jellybean enhancements, and BAM. You have a device that literally  makes the Iphone seem like a kids toy.


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