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Hyperkin 3DS Power Plus Battery Review

Want some extra battery life out of your 3DS? Check out Hyperkin 3DS Power Plus Battery Review.


Battery life has been one of the major grips about the Nintendo 3DS. Many that have buy one wish they had the same battery life they had on the Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL. Hyperkin is looking to solve this with the 3DS Power Plus extended battery.

Hardware & Design

The extended battery connects to the bottom of the 3DS so you won’t have to open anything on your 3DS. Its made of solid plastic with a soft touch coat finish for comfortable grip. The battery gives an extra grip to the device and is comfortable to hold. The small hump on top may bother some but it was fine for me. There is a LED battery indicator which lights up with pressing the button below it. The battery charges up via the mini USB port on the back and the cable is included. There is a switch next to USB port to switch from the internal battery to the Power Plus battery. I would suggest to use up the internal battery first then turn on the Battery Power Plus and get to a point in your game to save because it gets hot right where the extended battery connects to the 3DS if your playing a game at the same time.



Now for performance I’m not going to throw a whole bunch of statistics and a chart at you because those numbers usually don’t apply to every case. I’m going to give you real world usage with is a lot of stop and go play, using various features and utilizing the sleep mode for StreepPass. With just the standard battery you can get about 1.5 days battery life with stop and go usage. With the Power Plus Extended Battery you can go 2.5 days. This is a mix of 3DS games, Netflix, DS games and web browsing.  I will tell you  though as a long time DS user that while you will see better battery life out of the Power Plus battery it will not give you the battery life that the original Nintendo DS series gives but you will see improvement.


The Hyperkin 3DS Power Plus Battery is good for those who are on the road and want to keep their gaming going. If you have a long daily commute this will come in handy. if you are a stop and go user this will also be great for you as well and at the price of about $24.99 MSRP it’s a good buy for any 3DS user.

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