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IOGEAR GearPower 11,000mAh Portable Battery Charger Review

Here is our review of the 11,000 mAH GearPower by IOGEAR.

In today’s world keeping mobile devices powered all day is become a necessity. Portable battery chargers are a popular accessory to carry and IOGEAR hopes they have the right one for you with the GearPower 11,000 mAH portable battery charger.

This battery charger comes with a whopping 11,000 mAH of power which is enough to charge your smartphone up to 6 times and fully charge a tablet. It comes with both a 1A and 2.1A USB ports that lets you charge both a tablet and smartphone at the same time. It can charge my Nexus 7 in about 3 hours fully and my Galaxy S4 smartphone in about 2 hours on average. There is a LED indicator on the top to let you know how full the battery is.

The GearPower takes about 12 hours to fully charge up. IOGEAR  lists that the GearPower can stay off on standby for 6 months and I tested this theory by leaving it about 75% full and not touching it for about a month. The capacity stayed the same.  I will say the looks are maybe not the most stylish, its a bit bulky and heavy so it will feel weighted in a small bag and the plastic casing feels on the cheap side. If you get by those caveats this is a solid battery charger for the on the go person that always needs power.

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