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iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 3: The Battle Begins!

How does the IPad Pro stack up against the Surface Pro 3? The battle begins!

With the announcement of the iPad Pro Apple has drawn its sword in the battle of hybrid computing to go up against Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 and even the Surface 3. Where does it stack up? Let’s take a look at what the iPad Pro is bringing to the table.

iPad Pro Is What Hardcore iPad Users Have Been Waiting For

The iPad Pro takes the iPad that you know today and super sizes it with a 12.9 inch Retina display with a 2732 x 2048 resolution (Apple and their non-standard weird screen resolutions.) The iPad pro also comes with a new Apple A9x processor that they claim will give desktop class processing power. They also pair this with an 8 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optional LTE model. For storage there  32 GB and 128 GB options with no expandable storage or extra ports. It’s your classic iPad but in a bigger size which many folks have wanted for a while. Where it gets unique is the accessories.

Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Cover Debut for iPad Pro

The two key accessories for the iPad Pro that puts it in the Surface category is the Apple Pencil which is a stylus that supports handwriting recognition and it stated to have fine tune precision and close to zero lag and 10 hours of battery life to make the iPad Pro’s 10 hours as well. This will have artist and graphics designers very interested if the claims hold up.  The next accessory is the keyboard or Smart Keyboard.  It’s how it sounds it connect to the bottom of your iPad Pro and you can move it into a Type or View mode. They keys are also individually place for better precision typing.


Now here is the interesting part. The iPad Pro start at $799 for the 32 GB model. The 128 GB model will cost you $949 and the  Wi-Fi + LTE model with the same storage capacity will cost  you $1079. This is all before even buying the Apple Pencil which will cost you $99 and the Smart Keyboard which goes for $169. This is a pretty pricey venture for what it offers and compare to the competition its a hard sell for the non hardcore Apple Fan.

Compared to the Surface Pro 3

When you compare the iPad pro to the Surface Pro 3 spec and pricing wise it really blows it out of the water. the Surface Pro 3 offers a full desktop computing experience as our review state it is the tablet that can replace your laptop.  The Surface Pro 3 starts off at $799 and comes with a 64 GB of storage with a micro SD card slot to expand and a Intel Core i3 processor. There is also a full USB port and video outputs that the iPad Pro doesn’t have at all.  This is also iOS which is a smartphone and tablet OS, going up against Windows 10 which is a full-blown OS with tablet and desktop capabilities in one.  It’s perplexing that Apple would enter the market in this way. You would think they would want something running Mac OS X which would compete better against Windows 10.

By them creating the iPad Pro they pretty much have acknowledged that Microsoft was right about people wanting hybrid computing devices. Check the table below to get a better quick comparison between both and even the Surface 3. Also be sure to check out our video for more.


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