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Is the PS4 Killing The Xbox One?

The numbers show that the PS4 is killing the Xbox but is that really the case?


The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are just a few months into their 3rd year and coming from a successful holidays season. The PS4 winning out in the holidays season with around 5.7 million consoles sold and while Microsoft no longer will consistently give hardware sales numbers it is safe to save if they did outsell Sony this past holiday they would have announced it. Microsoft did a report on the record-breaking level of engagement on the Xbox One.
Now it’s clear that PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by a wide margin, especially when you look at total sales if you see the figure below.

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But it gets more interesting when you take a look at region breakdowns and especially when you look at North America which has the biggest gaming market in the world the United States.

PS4 vs Xbox One Totals Cropped

You can see when comparing North America the numbers are much closer, and this race between these consoles is much tighter than it looks. The US is the biggest gaming market in the world and if you like here then be very excited to see these numbers as it means that we will have more competition between both Sony and Microsoft which should lead to a better gaming experience for all.

While this is no excuse, Microsoft’s Xbox platform has never truly sold well internationally compared to Sony and Nintendo.

PS4 vs Xbox One Vs Wii U Totals

When you look at the charts, it’s clear that the rest of the world isn’t feeling the Xbox platform that much and it’s something that Microsoft has to continue to work on.

So yes from a worldwide perspective Sony’s PS4 is killing the Xbox One regarding total console sales. But when you dive deeper into the numbers you can see that race is a lot closer than it seems. ¬†We go more into detail with this in the video so check it out and be sure to let us know what you think!

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