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Is Xfinity Mobile Worth The Switch?

Disclosure: We worked directly with Comcast for this sponsored video for which they provided compensation. However, my opinions are my own within this post and video.

So I worked with Comcast on this experience with Xfinity Mobile, which reflects my experiences with Xfinity Mobile in the Boston area and on the go (including a road trip to the mountains in New Mexico!). So if you have Xfinity Internet, consider Xfinity Mobile for your mobile data needs.

Since I did the video, I wanted to share one important update: Xfinity Internet customers are participating in the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The $30/month benefit can be applied to Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Mobile service. Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile service, which includes 5G, is now available to customers enrolled in ACP, giving them the ability to save money on their connectivity needs inside and out of the home. Internet Essentials customers can use their $30/month ACP discount to pay for Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Mobile services. For example, an Internet Essentials customer (paying $9.95/month) can add one line of By the Gig on Xfinity Mobile ($15/month) well within the ACP discount. New and existing Xfinity Internet or Internet Essentials customers can visit www.xfinity.com/acp for more information.

I get into it more in the video, but Xfinity Mobile is available to all Xfinity Internet customers (including Internet Essentials users). Unlike other carriers, they have several different packages – unlike other carriers – you can switch month to month based on your needs, from unlimited ($45/month) to By the Gig ($15/month). This is a tremendous value because it includes access to 5G, wherever available (including throughout the Boston area). And, savings increase as you add more lines, so if you had four lines, you could get unlimited for $30/month per line. So, should you turn to Xfinity for your cellular service? Here’s a closer look at the rest of the details to see if Xfinity Mobile is right for you.

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