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Jabra Move Wireless Review: The Best $99 Bluetooth Headphones

Jabra Move Wireless
Let's take a look at what I believe are the best $99 pair of Bluetooth headphones in the market today the Jabra Move Wireless.

The Jabra Move Wireless are quite honestly the best pair of Bluetooth headphones that I’ve used. The audio quality is great for the price range they are in which is $99.  The way I usually do my reviews for audio products is to see how far I get into my music collection and I went pretty deep with it. For today’s pop and hip-hop hits the audio sounds great without pushing too much base but when the beat drops you get that solid base drop you want to hear and feel. Rock and alternative sound solid and even music from the days before everything went digital sound good especially 90’s hip hop which had a much more rough and less studio polished sound compared to now and the headphones did a great job of keep the feeling of that style sounding good. It’s also great with block outside noise out. There isn’t any noise cancellation but I ride with these on the train and it blocks out the loud noise very well.

The build quality is also excellent of the Jabra Move Wireless. The headband is made of bendable stainless steel with comfortable padding covering the majority of it as you  only see the steel near the cans. To slide and adjust the headphones to make them comfortable will be a little stiff at first but will loosen up over time. The cans feel comfortable on the ear and can go on a long session without ear sweat happening too soon.

Battery life is absolutely great here with the Jabra Move Wireless. I took them on a recent trip to New York City and as usual I travel by bus which is around a 4 hour ride each way. The headphones lasted through both legs on the trip and even went into the next day before having to charge it at the end of the day. For my current usage it takes about a week before I need to recharge it. The headphones charge up via micro USB and if you do run out of power they do include a wire cable to plug into a headphone jack when you run out of battery power or prefer to listen plugged in.

To put it simple the Jabra Move Wireless comes with great build quality, solid audio quality, have a great $99 price and now my daily driver headphones to use. They come in black, blue and red. The only thing I wish is that they had a nice dark purple color to choose from. Check out the video review for more info.





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  • Jabra makes good headphones but are they the best for $100, I’d say depends on why you need them. If you need them for sports then some earbuds like Jabra sport will do better, sure they cost a bit more money but you get everything you need. Overal these look pretty good for the price tag if you need them for general use.

  • I am a big fan of JABRA and they always come up with something nice and useful, in this case it’s a really good Wireless Headphones under my budget. So, I am definitely gonna buy this one.

  • Jabra is one of my favourite branch. I often buy their items. I purchased Jabra move wireless 2 weeks ago. And it s absolutely nice headphone. Good design and good sound quality!

  • I’ve been using LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 for three months but they turned out not so durable as I thought 🙁
    I thought about something in the same price range (Tone’s cost about $80 now) but more durable.
    Thanks for your great review, Warren, I think Jabra’s will be my next pair of headphones. I still need to read some reviews on Amazon or Best Buy just to be sure but still, this model seems to be the best option at the moment in terms both price and quality.

  • Yeah they are not the best looking headphones brand out there, but fair play to Jabra, they always deliver a good sound. Pretty good for the price tag I agree with that.