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Kindle Touch Review

The Kindle Touch is a great e-reader for those that want to use their tech with touch. See our review for more!


The Kindle Touch is Amazon’s first e-ink based Kindle with touch input capabilities. The hardware is very similar to the new 2011 Kindle with a 6 inch e-ink display, 4 GB of internal storage with no expandable storage slot but does take advantage of Amazon’s cloud storage services. There are only two buttons available, the power button next to the 3.5 mm headphone jack and menu button in the bottom center. Content is uploaded to the Kindle Touch either through Wi-Fi or 3G (3G Model Only) and USB. The device is light and thin and pocketable to take with you on the go.

While the software is pretty much the same as the 2011 Kindle but it’s how you interact with multi-touch support that makes it different. Everything on the screen jus takes on tap to interact with. You can simple open a book just by tapping on it and you can swipe left and ring to change between pages and up and down to go between different chapters.  There is a bit of a delay after a swipe or touch sometimes and the responsiveness is not as precise as you would like it to be. Amazon has included its new x-ray feature for seeing deep details in a book. Also of you don’t feel like reading and want to listen you can get books that support  audio playback and listen to your favorite novel.

There are some experimental features they’ve added for you to test out. There is a web browser that supports flash and looks to take advantage of the Amazon Silk browser technology. There is also an MP3 player which can play music while you read or just about anywhere you go in the software. A nice addition for those that have a few audio files they want to listen to while reading.  Battery life is excellent as expect with about 60% battery life left from the time we charged it two weeks ago.

The Kindle is simple and easy just as all of Amazon’s products are. This is a great e-reader for those looking to go digital with their books. The touch screen will appeal to those who use multi-touch for most of the tech they have. It’s a great buy at $99 and for $149 you get unlimited 3G a great deal for the price.






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