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Kingston DataTraveler Micro Duo Review

DataTravler Micro Duo In Galaxy Note 3
The Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo USB OTG Flash Drive is perfect solution to share and expand storage on the go. Here is our review.

Kingston’s DataTraveler Micro Duo USB Storage for Your Phone

Kingston’s DataTraveler Micro Duo is an easy to use USB flash drive for your android smartphone and tablet. It’s the easiest way to swap file and expand storage on your smartphone or tablet especially with a lot of devices coming with no expandable storage options.

For the Data Traveler Micro Duo to work your phone has to be at least Android 4.0 and above and support USB On-The-Go. The majority of recent android devices within the last three years should be able to support it so your phone or tablet you have right now should be ok to go. Also be sure your phone had a file manager on it. If not you’ll need to download one from the Google Play store to be able to move content from the DataTraveler Micro Duo. Also the Micro Duo has a USB 2.0 port so you can move content between your PC, phone and tablet.

I find the DataTraveler Micro Duo to be one of the most useful phone accessories out there. I love being able to transfer content with easy and not fuss. I’m finding it a lot easier to use then swapping out micro SD cards. See our video below for more info about the DataTraveler Micro Duo from Kingston.

DataTraveler Micro Duo

  • Supports USB OTG (On-The-Go) functionality
  • Expanded storage for tablets and smartphones
  • For Android™ 4.0+ devices with USB OTG support
  • Easily transfer and back up files, photos and videos to free up space
  • Great for storing large files, including movies and music libraries, while traveling





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