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LG Enlighten Quick Review

The LG Enlighten is a QWERTY keyboard phone for the texting fan who wants a smartphone. Check our the review for more.


The LG Enlighten is a replacement for the LG Ally from a year ago. It’s aim is to be a budget messenger phone with smartphone capabilities. With that you receive mid-low range specs with a 3.2 inch display, 800 Mhz processor, slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, physical menu buttons, 3.2 megapixel camera, 3G data only and a pre-installed 2 GB SD card.  The build quality is all plastic and has a toy like feel to it but these specs are good for the target markets for this phone which is beginner, teen, texting market. The camera is good enough for picture messaging but nothing beyond that. The keyboard feels cramped when typing due to the dedicated number row. If you have big hands (like myself) you’re not going to do well with this but people with normal hands should do fine. The screen is low res which you won’t want to watch videos or view pictures on but it good enough for reading text, emails and basic phone functions.

One of the good thing about Android is that it is able to work on many hardware configurations from high spec to low spec. Android 2.3 Gingerbread powers the LG Enlighten with LG’s UX (User Experience) on top of it. You get 7 home screens to customize and plenty of widgets available  It runs smooth enough to get the basic tasks done and the phone is responds well to touch and doesn’t slow down when multiple apps are running.  3G data works as should with streaming, web browsing and emails. The call quality is on par with most cell phones with clear audio on both sides of the call and battery life is good enough for this level phone with getting through the day on a single charge. There isn’t a need to rate for power users since this isn’t a phone they would be aiming for.

The LG Enlighten succeeds where it aims to be a solid 3G messenger option for those looking to get their first smartphone, teens on a budget, and text messaging fans who type more than they talk. For its price range it’s a good buy.


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