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Lian Li’s new DK-05 motorized adjustable desk PC now available

Lian Li adds another desk PC case to their lineup. This time motorized the DK-05.

The ultimate workstation for content creators and extreme gamers

August 1, 2017; Keelung, Taiwan – Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd is proud to present the new DK-05 motorized computer desk chassis. The DK-05 combines the ergonomics of a motorized desk with an incredibly customizable dual-PC chassis. The desk can be heightened to 118cm for standing work, and down to 69cm desk height for a sitting position. With a gorgeous tempered glass cover, the all-Aluminium DK-05 offers the comforts of a motorized standing desk, trusted Lian Li build quality, and flexibility of two XL-ATX computers in one chassis. The DK-05 features a front Panel HDMI connector for VR Headsets as well as an USB Type-C connector for the latest USB 3.1 enabled devices.

Two complete workstations in one desk

The DK-05 contains two Extended ATX (305×276)motherboard trays that allows you to build an incredibly versatile workstation without the need for a bulky computer chassis on or under your desk. This allows content creators and developers to have a rich, uncluttered desk with space for a multitude of monitors and the freedom to develop or game standing or sitting. Each Tray can fit a motherboard, up to 8 PCI & PCI express cards, a power supply and two 2.5” drives.

Ready for customized liquid cooling

The DK-05 it prepared of extensive amounts of liquid cooling. In between the motherboard trays, you can find mounting points for reservoirs, pumps or drivers and the fan trays are prepare for 360 & 480mm radiators. This allows high-performance workstation and gaming PCs to stay cool regardless of workload.

Absolute control over your working position

The DK-05 has two separate front I/O panels with USB 3.1 Type-c, USB 3.0, HDMI and HD-Audio. These allow full control of the PCs inside, or give the flexibility of use only one motherboard tray is used. Additionally, each I/O panel also has RGB adjustment dials to fine-tune optional RGB lighting kits. The right side of the desk also features the height adjustment panel. A height indicator (in cm or inch) manual adjustment (up and down) and programmable buttons for stored height positions to quickly get the desk up to your preferred working level.

Price and Availability
The DK-05 is available at the Newegg.com, $2099.99

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