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Logitech HD Pro C910 Webcam Review

Logitech C910
The Logitech HD Pro C910 is a top of the line webcam from Logitech that sports 10 Megapixel picture and 1080p video capture. Let’s see how well this works.


The C910 comes with the build quality that you would expect from Logitech with a build that is made up of both metal and plastic that comes build solid. It has a wide angle body to it with dual microphones on each side of. The lens is a Carl Zeiss lens behind glass. The hinge is made to sit on top of a LCD screen but its limited in range and doesn’t move all around and there is no tripod hold to put it on a stand.  It does stand well on its own but you’ll be limited to the angles you can use.


The camera is simple and easy to setup. You will need to use Logitech Vid HD software to use the webcam. I will say it’s a lot better software coming from Logitech here than from the past which felt more like bloatware. Video chat can do up to 720p but you’ll need to use Logitech HD Vid chat software to use it and the users on the other end will need the same camera and a separate microphone to achieve this. Speaking of the microphone you may want to get a separate one for better audio quality as this one is ok but definitely not the greatest and not what I was expecting from the dual microphones.

The best part of this webcam that it can record in crystal clear 1080p video  unlike some other cameras that we have review that claim 1080p. The video is sharp the color are vibrate and looks great.  The 10 megapixel pictures also look good but won’t replace your digital camera.


The C910 is a solid offering from Logitech. The fact that it can record in 1080p is a huge plus and the overall picture quality is some of the best I’ve seen on a webcam.  The audio could use some work but if you have a separate microphone that won’t be too much of an issue and even if you just use the microphone on the webcam you still will get passable audio. Great webcam from Logitech and I would definitely recommend putting this in your list of choices for webcams.

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