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Project Scorpio Specs Powerful Enough For Full 4K Gaming

Project Scorpio Xbox One
Microsoft reveals Project Scorpio's specs ahead of E3 debut.

Microsoft Reveals Project Scorpio Specs

Months ahead of E3 Microsoft has release the specs of their next console Project Scorpio. The first time we heard about Project Scorpio was at the end of Microsoft Press conference at E3 last year. Eurogamers got an exclusive behind the scenes look at the new console. From what they have shown them it looks like Microsoft is going to live up to the guarantee of native 4K gaming.

Project Scorpio is going to come with eight custom core 8x CPU running at 2.3 GHz, a GPU with 40 customized compute units and 1172MHz, 12 GB of GDDR5 Ram with 326GB of memory bandwidth, 1 TB HDD, and 4K UHD Blu-Ray player. The new console will have an integrated power supply in a compact body and state of the art cooling.

Eurogamers were able to see Forza Motorsport demo running a 4K 60fps. This at least guarantees that the first party developed titles will hit the native 4K mark. The key to this development is the new Scorpio Engine SOC that Microsoft developed in conjunction with AMD.

From what it sounds like Microsoft has pulled off native 4K unit the PS4 Pro which uses special upscaling technology to achieve 4K. The specs currently blow away what the PS4 Pro currently offers. The key to this will be if develops will get on board and make games to take full advantage of the Scorpio hardware. This is a mid-generation console refresh, and currently, Microsoft is behind in the console hardware sales by quite a bit, so I believe we will need to see a lot of Project Scorpio hardware sold to convince devs that it will be profitable to make the games that will max out the specs on it.

We are just a couple of months away from E3 where the big reveal will happen and an expected holiday 2017 release. While all this news is promising the questions remains, Will Microsoft make good on it provides of native 4K gaming? Will they have the games ready to go to support this new console when it comes out? Time will tell, but Microsoft must get these two questions right for the Scorpio to be successful.

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