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Microsoft Surface 3: All The Info You Need To Know

This is the Surface 3 and all the info you need to know!

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Today the Microsoft Surface 3 is finally available. While the Surface 3 places itself just below its older the brother the Surface Pro 3, it is no slouch when it comes the specs and power and beasts out what we seen from the original Surface RT devices.

The Surface 3 comes with a 10.8 in full 1080p HD touch screen display with pen stylus input support which you can rest your wrist on when writing and be able to write just fine. The Surface 3 comes with an Intel Atom quad core processor with options of 2 GB or 4 GB of ram and 64 GB or 128 GB of storage. You going to get full Windows 8.1 here with upgrade capabilities to Windows 10. You can throw any of your Windows apps on here and it will work.

You will get plenty of ports with the Surface 3 with  a Full USB 3.0, mini Display Port, headset jack and micro USB port to charge the Surface 3. There is also a micro USB slot to expand storage which is right under the 3 stage kickstand which provides good enough angles for when you need it. You have rear 8 megapixel camera with a 3.5 megapixel front facing for video chat.   The Surface 3 will also have its own set of accessories with a Type Cover, pen stylus and docking  station.

I think the Surface 3 fits right into that category where Microsoft failed with the Surface RT devices. The Surface 3 is giving you a full PC experience without compromise.  Learn more by watching the video below and share your thoughts.


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