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Microsoft Surface RT User Experience Review

Microsoft Surface RT Review
A user experience review of the Microsoft Surface RT.

For this review we’re going more into a user experience style and not traditional style of review which is more listing specs and confirming how well they work. The reason I chose to do this is because the Surface RT signals two new ventures for Microsoft. The first offering major hardware directly that’s not an accessory and Windows RT which is their first OS made for ARM based processors. With this combinations it’s the first real software and hardware experience directly from Microsoft to consumers.  For this reason I felt a different style review is needed.

Microsoft Surface RT Hardware is Amazing!

From my expertise the Surface RT is one of the best build tablets in the market today. It’s build quality and style reminds me a lot of the Blackberry Playbook (Review). It’s solid construction and high quality with the  VaporMG casing that it’s made of. The 10.6 inch touch screen display looks great even with its low 148 ppi (pixels per inch)  and I had no issues with the touch screen. There is a front and rear facing camera that produce good quality for Skype and it’s a 22 degree angle for optimal viewing. Thee is also the option to buy it bundled or separately the Touch Cover or Type Cover. In my review I use the Touch Cover and if you are going to type a lot I would suggest getting the Type Cover, the Touch Cover is functional but not made for long periods of typing. Internally you have a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage but I’ll get more into that when I discuss the software experience.

There Is Just No Point in Windows RT

While the hardware is solid the software is really lacking. Windows RT looks just like Windows 8, but the problem with that is you don’t get the same functionality which will confuse the consumer real easily. There is no legacy app support even thought there is a desktop mode (For use Microsoft Office 2013) and any apps you want to install have to come from the Microsoft Store which kills any unique difference in software options from Apple iTunes App Store for iOS and Android’s Google Play Store, all software availability is dependent on the digital software stores. It also doesn’t help that the app choice is meek and growing at a slow pace.

Even with the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processors there was signs of lag all though the OS and especially in gaming which a processor like this should thrive. Things are turtle slow but they just don’t move as fast as you would expect.

All this sums up to my point in that there is just no real reason that Windows RT should exist. I know it allows Microsoft access to arm based devices which lets the offer cheaper products but it shouldn’t be used at the cost of the experience your advertising. Microsoft has promoted Windows 8 as the OS that can do both tablet and traditional desktop tasks without limitations and Windows RT goes against that and the fact that it looks exactly like Windows 8 does nothing but confuse the consumer. People are willing to pay a higher cost if they get the experience that they expect. Windows RT just doesn’t provide that.

Microsoft Surface RT Is Great Hardware Held Back By Software

In the end the Surface RT is held back by it’s software. It’s built excellent and other manufactures should use it as an example of how a Windows 8 tablet or hybrid ultrabook should be built like. But it’s clear that Windows RT and it’s limited app choice and limitations it the OS itself that any device made with it is a hard recommend. If you’re looking for a Surface I suggest you wait for the Surface Pro.

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