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Motorola DROID RAZR Android 4.0 ICS Update Review

Motorola And Verizon has released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich For the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX. Here is our review.

DROID Razr ICS Update-1


With the release of the Motorola Razr only a few months ago, the company itself was showing us how relevant and innovative they still are in the mobile space. The iconic industrial design and materials used to build the Motorola Razr are nothing short of original. Motorola has been well-known for making fantastic hardware throughout the years, but with the push of OEM’s and Android OS, it’s been difficult to stand out as they once did.

When the Razr first became available on the market, it came with Gingerbread 2.3. I’ve said it time and time again, this version of Android was very incomplete, and was only released to appease the overwhelming flock of Android fanboys. On top of that mess, Motorola decided to put their custom skin called “MotoBlur” to supposedly enhance the user experience. That wasn’t the case and ultimately, it left the user wishing for a pure stock Android experience.

The release of Ice Cream Sandwich has changed all of that. The Razr already has capable hardware with its dual-core processor, 1GB of Ram, and above average 1080 HD recording, so in saying that, your rest assured ICS takes full advantage of those specs. This update makes the entire OS perform beautifully. Scrolling is vastly improved as well as consistency in day-to-day use.

Motorola has done something here that very few OEM’s choose to do and that’s giving us consumers an full stock ICS experience ! You still get your custom icons and animations but Motorola only adds beneficial aspects to the UI, not cumbersome pointless ones. For instance, the notification bar as a setting button for quick access to things such as WIFI or Bluetooth. The lock screen has a 4 way direction pad for instant access to messaging, camera, and the phone dialer. These are just a few examples of just how generous Motorola has become with this recent update. It honestly brings the Razr up to par with the likes of such devices as the Samsung Galaxy S lll and HTC One X. NO EXAGGERATION .

Battery life has been increased a tad it so that’s always a welcome addition. The Razr Maxx doesn’t have that problem in the first place since it’s packing a 3300 mah battery.

Overall, the ICS update is a welcome addition to the Razr and Razr Maxx. If Motorola can keep this idea of limiting their skins and giving consumers an almost pure Android experience, they’ll truly have nothing to worry about in terms of marketshare. Thank You Motorola

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