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New EXTRA BASS Wireless Speakers Bring the Sounds of the Festival On-the-Go

Sony's new Extra Bass Wireless Speaker brings the music party anywhere with colorful lights.

SRS-XB501G and SRS-XB01 offer portable, powerful sound

Sony Electronics Inc. today announced two new EXTRA BASS wireless speakers, the SRS-XB501G, and the pocket-sized SRS-XB01. Both offer powerful EXTRA BASS sound on-the-go, for a legendary party experience, anywhere.

Powerful partying with big bass

EXTRA BASS™ creates deeper and richer bass with the high sound pressure that will enhance your favorite tunes.

The XB501G is engineered to deliver powerful sound from satellite speaker units and subwoofer units which reinforce the sound pressure, while the clever rounded form helps minimize vibrations and decreases sound interferences too. The Digital Signal Processor fully utilizes the EXTRA BASS technology and produces bassy, powerful sound.

The LIVE SOUND mode on XB501G will allow you to experience your favorite artists as if you were seeing them live, with angled speakers and Digital Signal Processing technology that will create an expanded service area. This three-dimensional sound experience will recreate realistic festival vibes.

“The XB501G is made to go where other speakers with the Google Assistant built-in can’t,” said Yang Cheng, Head of Video & Sound at Sony Electronics. “Bring the XB501G to your garage, the pool, or backyard barbecue and have a great party experience, almost anywhere! The XB501G demonstrates Sony’s commitment to customer choice and innovation by delivering powerful, premium sound in a portable, water-resistant and dustproof voice-activated speaker.”\

The smaller, pocket-sized XB01 enhances every beat and gives any party a boost thanks to the EXTRA BASS sound. Its compact, rounded design, full range speaker unit on the front and passive radiator on the rear, gives tunes a deep and punchy sound. Despite its size, the speaker delivers big sound on-the-go.

Party prepped

The durable XB501G is water resistant and dustproof with an IP65 rating so you can take it from the patio, to the pool side, worry-free, while the XB01 has a water-resistant design with an IPX5 rating, protecting it from sprays and spills. With up to 16-hours battery life you can listen to the XB501G all day long. The XB501G can also charge a smartphone or other device with USB Type-C™ cable. The XB01 boasts up to 6 hours of battery life, giving you interruption-free listening to your favorite albums.

Both speakers are designed to be carried. The XB501G has a handle while the XB01 has a handy strap in matching color, making it easy to pick up, carry or hang anywhere. The XB501G can be mounted on a tripod so your speaker can be elevated and the sound pressure can easily reach people both sitting and standing.

Make any listening experience unforgettable with the XB501G speaker’s unique strobe, speaker, and line lighting effects.

Uncompromised connectivity

The XB501G has the Google Assistant built in: it’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. You can use your voice to easily pick your favorite track, check the weather, or check the traffic as well as control your other smart home devices.

Utilize the XB501G’s Wi-Fi capability to listen to various music services, or listen to the music stored on your smartphone by connecting it to the XB501G via Bluetooth® or NFC, and then using the Sony | Music Center app to control the speaker without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

The XB01 has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and Bluetooth connectivity for easy connection and streaming. It also features playback through the audio input as another way to enjoy your favorite playlists.

The SRS-XB501G portable party speaker has a suggested retail price of $299.99. The SRS-XB501G will be available from authorized Sony dealers in October.

The SRS-XB01 comes in four colors (blue, red, white, black) and has a suggested retail price of $34.99. The SRS-XB01 will be available from authorized Sony dealers such as Best Buy and Amazon by October.


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