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Nintendo 3DS Ultimate Starter Kit Review

The Nintendo 3DS Ultimate Starter Kit looks to give you all that you need in one affordable package. Come look inside as we take a look at each item.

The Nintendo 3DS Ultimate Starter Kit is a collection of accessories for your Nintendo 3DS intended to give you all your need while on the go. The kit is made by RocketFish which is an in-house brand from Best Buy and the kit is officially licensed by Nintendo. We’ll take a look at each item in the kit.

Bottom Screen Guard


This part of the kit is what I disliked the most. I’m personally not a fan of any screen guards as I feel no matter what they just get in the way and smudges up the screen. This screen guard didn’t even come with a card to help lay it on the screen without getting air bubbles in it.  I know you can just get another card like a business card or playing card but it should come in the kit standard. You should skit using this screen guarded period.



The kit comes with two extra Styluses i n red and black with white tips and the end of them.  The work on the screen just fine and fit into the stylus slot just like the original does without being loose or dropping out. I would say the only knock against it would be that it doesn’t slide out as smooth as the original one does but that’s not a huge issue.



The headphones that come in the kit come with a nice and simple design with the in-ear buds and the 3DS logo on the side and a decently long wire. The headphones are comfortable and fit nicely in the ear to create a bit of noise cancellation. The headphones themselves are actually not very loud and that’s due more to the HearSate technology built into them that only allows them to get so loud regardless of how high the slider is. This is definitely for protecting a younger kids ear from being damaged but you don’t get the loud and boisterous sound that you want out of the game. The headphones for being a bit low do sound clear and get the sound to you though.

Car Charger


The car charger worked fine and works like any other car charger for a device. Plugs in and keeps gaming while on the go. Nothing special here just works. I just hope you’re not driving your car and playing at the same time.

Cartridge Case


The cartridge case holds up to 22 games and 2 SD cards in it and while being all plastic Is a very sturdy and hard case to protect your 3DS games, DS games and SD cards. I like the fact that it can hold so many games and keep the case at a very decent size.

Carrying Case


Last is the carrying case which is one of the main reasons I picked up this kit. The case will hold three 3DS or DS games and has elastic straps to hold the 3DS is place. It has a very nice outer shell that can take a drop or be squished in a bag and keep your stuff protected. There is just enough space to tightly fit your headphones and the wall charger.



For $30 you get a pretty decent package all together. Having the cartridge case and carry case alone is well worth the price considering that you could buy these two items separate and come close to spending the same amount of money that this kit cost. This is a very good starter kit and remember that key word “starter” because if you are expecting something more advance this isn’t the kit you’re looking for.

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