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Nintendo Loses $923 Million in First Half of Fiscal Year

Nintendo drops the ball the first half of the fiscal year in the sum of $923 Million.


Nintendo in the past was a money-making machine with the Wii and the Nintendo DS but times have been rough for the Big N with them losing a reported $923 million the first half of the this fiscal year. You can point the blame to many things with the extremely weak Nintendo 3DS sales resulting in a price drop and we discussed where 3DS failed in its launch, the low Wii hardware and software sales with it near its end-of-life cycle and the terrible reception the Wii U received when it was announced.

Nintendo is also projecting to lose another $264 Million going into the end of this fiscal year in March 2012. Not a good time now for Nintendo. They hope to try to stop the bleed with their heavy hitter titles for the Wii and 3DS coming this holiday 2011 that make also pick up some hardware sales. This does put pressure on Nintendo to fix sales of the Nintendo 3DS and hit a homerun with the Wii U by convincing the masses that the product will indeed work and will bring new innovated games to the platform.

Source: Nintendo’s Fiscal Half Year Report

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