Nintendo NX Rumors & Predictions: What Will It Be?

There is a lot of rumors based on very little information we have so far about the console. But what I want to do here is give you my thoughts on what I think the Nintendo NX is.


Ever since Nintendo announced last year that are working on the next console speculation has been rampant on what the codename Nintendo NX will be. We’re expecting Nintendo to announce what Nintendo NX officially is by E3 2016. There is a lot of rumors based on very little information we have so far about the console. But what I want to do here is give you my thoughts on what I think the Nintendo NX is.

The Nintendo NX is a platform that will support multiple consoles, accessories and games.

I believe Nintendo NX is a software platform that will allow many gaming components to connect to it. At the beginning I believe Nintendo will release a standard console with an updated Wii U Gamepad style controller. This will be the basic “get right to gaming” version of the new console. Then I believe they will add a VR element to it calling it the Virtual Boy 2. With Sony and Microsoft heavy into VR development there is no way Nintendo can stand by and not come out with something. Now the cool thing is this new “Virtual Boy 2” VR headset will work with all the games on the NX platform but will also be optional to add to the experience. It’s not something that you will need but if you want it, it will be there.

Now there are many that believe NX will be a hybrid gaming device that will work on the go and on the TV. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Nintendo isn’t going to cannibalize their very profitable 3DS/DS gaming platform. They are a 2 console company and treat the 3DS as its own console and not as an extension to a home console, which is one main reason for its success.

I do believe though that we will see a new 3DS or portable console that will be able to work on the go but will have a docking station that can play the games on the TV. This new portable console however will support the Nintendo NX platform and can work with the standard game console and all the same games will work.  This way you can get the choice of portable gaming or console gaming and either have both or one but everything works together and the games do as well.

I know that two consoles sounds like a lot but I believe the Nintendo NX platform is way for them to get both a home and portable console working together in some way and giving game devs the ability to make one game that will work for either console.  While this sounds like a long shot from surface level but if you think deeper, it makes sense for Nintendo to try to find some synergy between gaming at home and gaming on the go.

So not only do I think there are two consoles coming and Nintendo NX is one giant software platform, I also think they are going to tie in their smartphone app partnership with DENA and even go back to flash storage for games. I go more into detail with this in the video so check it out! And don’t forget to leave a comment on what you think about all this and your thoughts and predictions on the Nintendo NX.

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  • Since they actually did really well for themselves in 2015 against all odds, I’d say the NX will be that big hit they are looking for. Just please, no clunky controller.