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This Is The Nintendo Switch: Hybrid Gaming Console

Nintendo reveals the brand new Nintendo Switch gaming console. It's a hybrid of between home console gaming and mobile gaming!

The Nintendo Switch Is The Hybrid Gaming Console Coming March 2017

Today Nintendo unveiled the new Nintendo Switch. Previously codenamed Nintendo NX the new Nintendo Switch lives up to many of the rumors about it. It’s looking to satisfy both the home and portable gaming markets.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is hybrid mobile and gaming console that looks to have a 7-inch screen that is suppose to be HD resolution.  When your home you’ll plug the tablet into the docking station which is connected to your TV. The games look to be on an SD card or custom cartridge which fits the rumors that Nintendo was going back to cartridges. Most likely you’ll get games on cartridges or direct download.


The Joy-Con is the new controller for the Nintendo Switch. It’s two controllers that are attached using a central unit called the Joy-Con grip. This allows the control to behave like a single controller. It kind of looks like puppy dogs face when you stand it up. When you ready to go mobile you can undock the Switch console and attach the two sides of the Joy-con controller to the side of the tablet for a Wii-U like gaming experience. It also looks from the video that while on the go the two side controllers can work on their own for multiplayer gaming on the go and yes there is a kickstand on the back for optimal viewing.  There will also be a Pro Controller available for those wanting a more traditional gaming experience.


So what games can we expect? Well besides the known new Legende Of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild coming there will be games from tons of studios such as Activision, EA, 505 Games, Square Enix, Platinum Games, Take-Two, and Ubisoft just to name a few.  The trailer video below showed Skyrim, NBA 2K and a new 3D Mario game.

Nintendo Switch Gallery
Nintendo Switch Gallery

The new Nintendo Switch has been very intrigued. It’s attempting to merge console and portable gaming into one system and do it well. I like the ability to take your games with you mid game and attach the controllers to it. My concerns are battery life on the go. If it’s poor, the mobile side just won’t cut it for the majority out there. Will there be any  4GLTE options for online gaming on the go added? Are there more add-ons available to expand the Nintendo Switch?  So many more questions left to answer. We can expect the new Nintendo Switch to launch in March 2017. No word on pricing just yet. Share your thoughts about the new Nintendo Switch.

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