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Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing, Setup & Comparison

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the smaller, lighter, portable and more affordable version of the Nintendo Switch. Here is our unboxing, setup and comparison to its bigger brother.

The Nintendo Switch Lite Aims To Be A Pure Portable Console

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the more portable focus member of the Switch Family. With a 5.5 inch 720p display and build in controllers its meant for pure gaming on the go for just $200.

When comparing the regular Nintendo Switch to the Switch Lite you’ll see some differences with no kickstand, motion controls, IR blaster, light sensor or TV mode for the Switch Lite, hence why the much lower price point. But given everything is built-in with a smaller display you should get improved battery life.

There were some issues when it comes to data transfer. Nintendo doesn’t make this easy, which is shocking considering how far we have come in gaming. You can’t really start it or link the account from the beginning. You will have to download an update right away and go through multiple sign-in processes between devices to get it working. I’ll have more on that in another video, but I did get my data transferred over eventually.

Enjoy the Switch Lite Unboxing, Setup, and comparison and leave your comments below on what features you would like me to focus on for my review.

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