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OnePlus 6T Expected To Get US Carrier Support With T-Mobile

T-Mobile is reportedly going to be the first US Carrier for the OnePlus 6T.

Rumors suggest that T-Mobile will be the first US Carrier For the OnePlus 6T

Reports are that OnePlus will get it first major US deal by partnering with T-Mobile. The partnership is rumored to be announced In October alongside the rumored OnePlus 6T. The T-mobile version is to be tuned for their network and includes the 600 MHz band spectrum for improved service.

OnePlus does have carrier partnerships in Europe but haven’t been this close to getting a US partnership until now. This deal with T-Mobile would finally get the exposure they need to an audience that isn’t aware of the OnePlus brand. Possible pricing for the OnePlus 6T is it will be around the same as the OnePlus 6 (6GB Ram + 64 GB Storage) model.

The design is thought to possibly take some cues from the Oppo R17, but the company has suggested that might not be where the inspiration for the OnePlus 6T come from. Even with this reported deal in the works, there will still be an unlocked version available with the version supporting T-Mobile 600mhz spectrum will be handled by them directly. Current reports suggest the OnePlus 6t is going through “technical approvals” right now and will be announced in October.

If OnePlus can show some sales success with T-Mobile it could propel them to gain partnerships with other carriers and have a chance to truly compete in the US market.



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