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PDP TRON Xbox 360 Controller Review

Here we take a look at the collector’s edition TRON Xbox 360 controller from PDP.


Hardware wise the PDP TRON Xbox 360 controller is built pretty well with a black plastic and a soft rubber grips on the side. What makes this a TRON controller is obviously the TRON designs blue highlights around the controller and the TRON logo on the bottom of the controller that lights up blue.  Another unique feature is the redesigned D-Pad that goes away from the disc form on the traditional Xbox 360 controller. That change actually works out well when in use.


The controller is very comfortable in the hands and feel good when playing. Buttons and triggers are responsive and the D-Pad is a great improvement and makes games that you need to use a lot of D-Pad much more comfortable to play.  The blue lights look great in the dark and really add a nice touch.  While the controller is only wired which can be a downer for some but I didn’t really noticed it was wired while playing games.


This is a great controller for both collectors and gamers. Collectors will love that they are getting a high quality item in their collection and gamers will love how well the controller works and the cool TRON design that makes the controller stand out. Recommend considering this controller the next time you are looking for a new controller that is different from others.

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