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Plantronics Announces The New BackBeat Pro 2 Wireless Headphones

Today Plantronics announced the brand new BackBeat Pro 2.

Plantronics Brings The Feature Packed BackBeat Pro 2

Today Plantronics announced the brand new BackBeat Pro 2. The new  BackBeat Pro 2 come with a slimmer profile and lighter weight but still contain the same features people love from the Backbeat Pro line with Active Noise-cancelling, class 1 Bluetooth wireless with up to 330 feet distance, 24 hours of battery life, an audio cable if you want to connect wired and you can listen to high bitrate audio from devices that support it. This all comes at a reduced price of $199. There is also a special edition version that comes with NFC pairing and rugged case for $249. Our Executive Editor Warren Bowman is currently putting them through the review paces and from what he’s told me they are really good.  Stay tuned for his review coming soon and check out the press release below for more info.

Press Release:

Delivering a high-quality, full-range listening experience, BackBeat PRO 2 turns any moment into a refuge from a noisy world. On-demand active noise-cancellation (ANC) means you can minimize background noise when needed while working or traveling, and switch to open-listening mode to hear announcements, conversations or your environment without removing your headphones. BackBeat PRO 2 provides the ultimate in wireless freedom with Class 1 Bluetooth for an impressive 100 meter range when paired with a Class 1 Bluetooth device. Plantronics smart power management technologies give you up to 24 hours of continuous listening time on a single charge, up to 21 days of standby power, and up to six months of DeepSleep hibernation if inadvertently left on.

Built on the heritage of the award-winning BackBeat PRO, BackBeat PRO 2 features a streamlined design with a 35 percent decrease in size and 15 percent reduction in weight from the previous generation model. Along with new ear cups for better ergonomics and ear coverage, a flexible ear cup mount, and a headband and yoke that distribute weight evenly around the wearer’s head, the design of BackBeat PRO 2 means a comfortable fit during even the longest listening sessions.

  • Additional BackBeat PRO 2 features include:
  • Smart sensors that automatically pause or resume your music as you remove or put on your headphones
  • Multi-device connectivity to connect up to two devices simultaneously and easily switch between your smartphone and tablet for music, movies and calls
  • Built-in dual mics to enable you to jump into clear phone calls right from your headphones
  • Travel-ready design with fold-flat ear cups and a protective sleeve
  • Included 3.5mm cable for in-flight entertainment and the ability to plug in to keep enjoying your music in the unlikely event that you run out of battery

Pricing and Availability BackBeat PRO 2 will be available in black and tan at authorized Plantronics retailers for $199.99 USD. A special edition BackBeat PRO 2 SE with NFC pairing, more premium finishes and a hard travel case will be available in graphite grey at authorized Plantronics retailers for $249.99 USD.

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