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PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S Preview: A Look Before The Battle

A preview before the war between the PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S. Which console is primed to reign supreme this holiday season?

A Preview Before The Battle Between The PS4 Pro & Xbox One S

It’s time to give you a preview of the battle coming this holiday season between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S. It’s been three years since the last new consoles came out and we’re now prepared for a mid-console refresh battle.

While we can’t do a full review here since the PS4 Pro is not out yet until November. We can take a look ahead and see how these two will stack against each other. Let’s break down the key stats for both new consoles.

What’s interesting with the PS4 Pro specs is the additional boost in specs. This is done for two reasons main reason. First, the system can play games in 4K with HDR. It’s not going to play native 4K. Neither system will do that. But the PS4 Pro will do a better job in presenting games in a higher resolution than the XBox One S which upscales games to 4K.  Second, the PS4 Pro can play VR games better using Playstation VR. Sony is making the big push for VR gaming in the home, and they will be the first console to have it available to consumers. Xbox won’t be doing anything VR until Project Scorpio next year, and there are only faint rumors about the Nintendo NX VR capabilities.

One significant omission for Sony’s upgraded console is the lack of Ultra Blu-Ray Drive which the Xbox One S has. The PS4 Pro won’t be able to play movies at the highest quality possible. I think this is a big miss that allows the Xbox One S to stay competitive.

We will have a much more detail comparison between the two coming in November but for now, share your thoughts below on which one you think is the better one to get.


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