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PS5 Gameplay Recording Quality Using Built-In Or Capture Card

See how the PS5 built-in capture card works compared to an external one.

PS5 Gameplay recording can be done either using the built-in capture card or an external card. There are different options for each depending on what you want to do.

Suppose you want to use the capture settings built into the system. While in a game, you can hit the create button to bring up the game capture options. You can choose your video quality settings here and within the system menu, which you’ll have more options to choose from.

If you go into Settings, then scroll to the bottom where it says Captures and Broadcast, you will see the options to change these settings. Within capture, you will see the options to change what the Create Button does by default. You also can control the length at which you quickly capture previously recorded gameplay.

By default, the PS5 will Record the last 60 minutes of gameplay. By default, this is set to 1080p, but if you are plugged into a 4K TV, you will be able to change this to 4K for manual recording, and you will also get HDR video recording and screenshots. Below this is the option to choose the length you want to capture past gameplay that isn’t manually recorded. You can choose up to 1 hour here.

The next option is to change your screenshot format, which gives you the option to screenshot with or without HDR. If you turn off HDR, it will give you file format options of either JPG or PNG. I would suggest unless you decide you’re going to upload with HDR to turn it off, especially if you are going to edit and upload from your PC and not directly from the console.

When you go to Video Clip Format, you’ll be able to change the manual recording settings. If you leave it on 1080p, you can change the file type from Most Efficient (WebM) to Most Compatible MP4. However, if you switch to 3840×2160, also known as 4k, you will be locked to WebM format. You can also choose to have your mic audio and party audio included in a group chat.

For video formats, I would suggest using 1080p with MP4 for the easiest compatibility if you can upload and edit outside of the PS5 console itself. IF you need to record in 4K and want to edit on your PC, you will need to convert those files to work in a video editor. For me, I used Handbrake to convert to a .mkv file, then used OBS to remix the file to MP4, and I was able to work with it in my editor of choice, Davinci Resolve.

The built-in capture card’s quality is ok and passable, but you’ll get better results using an external capture card.

If you want to use an external capture card for more flexibility and features, like one from Elgato, I personally use the 4K 60 Pro mk.2; then, you will need to change your HDMI settings to disabled HDCP. You will want to change this setting BEFORE connecting your console to your capture card.

To do this, you need to go into settings, select HDMI, and turn the toggle off to the left where you see Enable HDCP. This has to be turned off to allow external capture cards to work.

That’s pretty much it. If you want to know more about streaming from your console or using a capture card to do so, I would suggest checking out the EposVox channel. He is the Stream Professor of Youtube, and you’ll get everything you need to know from him. The link to his channel will be below. Also, be sure to check out out the rest of the PS5 coverage we have going on.

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0:50 – Capture Controls In Settings
2:41 – Video Quality Settings Explained
3:53 – Capturine In-Game Audio & Mic
4:15 – Enable External Capture Card on PS5
5:07 – PS5 vs. Elgato 4k60p Capture Quality
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