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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Receives Highest DXO Benchmark Ever

Samsung's heavy focus on the camera in the Galaxy S9+ have given it one of the highest ratings every on DXOMark. Will this be the best smartphone camera in 2018?

Galaxy S9+ Camera Scores Big Numbers

It’s been a pretty good week for Samsung. First with the announcement of the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ and now the Galaxy S9+ dual cameras with its new Super Speed Dual Pixel sensor scores the high DXOMark score at 99. The photos specific scores for the S9+ were 104 which is the highest they have ever given.

Some of the highlights from the review of the photo are the S9+ ability to control image noise in varied environments, fast autofocus and bridge and vivid color in pictures. The video part which scores lower at 91 but is given high marks for excellent colors, video stabilization, and fast auto-focus. A couple of criticisms were some cases of exposure instability with pictures, and some loss of fine details in the video.

Galaxy S9+ The King Of Smartphone Cameras in 2018?

It’s early in the year to call it the best in 2018 but there is no denying the quality of tech bit brings. The Galaxy S9+ Dual Aperture and Super Speed Dual Pixel sensor give the phone the ability to take the best photos in any environment. Dual Aperture allows the camera to work similar to the human eye and just for low light and super bright lighting conditions. It works in conjunction with the Super Speed Dual Pixel Sensor that combines up to 12 images taken to give you the best high-quality photo possible.

I’ve been critical of DXOMark’s rating, especially with the original Pixel. It had a hardware flaw in the camera and was ranked at the time the best smartphone camera available. Google did send out an update to help alleviate this problem later down the road but for them to have missed it at the time was strange. However, after reading their review, it goes long with my first experience of the Galaxy S9+ camera.

While scores can help tell you how good a device performs, to us it is all about the full experience with any tech especially something as personal as smartphones, and we’ll highlight this in our review when we get our S9+ in-house. If you want to check out the full DXO review, see the link below and Samsung’s take on the review find that link below as well.


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