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Samsung Gravity Smart Review

The Samsung Gravity Smart is aimed to be a affordable messeger phone with smart phone capabilites. It has a bit of an identiry crisis. Check out our full review inside.


Hardware & Design

The Gravity Smart is budget focused messenger phone and its build quality is exactly that. It’s an all plastic design with a soft touch back cover. The 3.2 inch display gives you enough screen real estate for messaging but viewing any type of video is cramped and with the low res screen will show pixilation.  Below the screen there is touch sensitive buttons for menu, back and search with the home being a physical button. On the sides there is power and volume buttons and micro USB and 3.5 mm headphone ports. .


On the back there is a 3.2 Megapixel camera with flash. It’s a decent camera quality for this type of phone for MMS message and uploading to Facebook or Twitter. The flash isn’t strong and there is no HD video capture but good enough for messaging and quick uploading to social networking sites like Facebook, TwitVid or YouTube which will come out in 360p or 480p quality.



Pushing the screen up will show the 4 row QWERTY keyboard.  They keyboard is not backlit but letters have enough space between them and do have a nice click down response when in use however the space bar is on the small side and sometimes easily missed when typing. There is no directional pad but there is shortcut keys in its place for browser, social networking, messaging and search. The phone runs on a 800 Mhz processor which a year ago would be a pretty fast processor for a high-end phone but now is more on the low-end of the spectrum. There is a 100 MB of internal storage but pre-install 2 GB SD card external storage.

Software &  Usability

The Gravity Smart uses Android 2.2.2 with Touch Wiz implemented on top of it with 5 desktops. While the performance is decent on here there is lag at times. For messaging software they have include group messaging and cloud text messaging and a widget for the desktop for quick text. Everything else about it your standard android smartphone software with access to the android market.

Battery life is pretty standard smartphone battery life. You can go about 1 full day without need a charge with normal usage. If you are a heavy user you are going to need to charge it up every change you get to.  Call quality is also good. I only had one dropped call in a low signal area. Callers sounded clear and when talking to them they could hear me just fine.


The Gravity Smart is a mixed bag. It includes messaging apps but I never felt like it was a full messenger phone as it felt more like a  smartphone forcing itself to be just one then when that’s not what smartphones are for. I would have rather seen Samsung bring over the BADA platform the use overseas for this phone and create unique messenger applications for those hardcore text messengers. It’s not a bad phone and if you can get it free on contract then I would say do it but if your going to drop some cash its better to spend a little more and get a more high-end smartphone.

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