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Samsung May Limit Your Note 7’s Battery Until You Replace It.

Galaxy Note 7
Samsung may release an update that will limit your recalled Note 7 to 60% battery life until you trade it in.

Samsung Could Send Update To Note Phone To Limit Battery Charge

If you are currently a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owner, we urge you to trade your phone right away. Samsung recently issued a recall for Note 7 due to some models having a short in the battery that could cause the phone to explode.  They want to push people to swap their phone, and they may do that with a software update.

Samsung released a statement to a South Korean newspaper urging users to trade-in their Note 7 or deal with an update that will limit the phone charging to only 60%.  They figure that it would be annoying enough that it would push the user to trade in their phone. A drastic measure to ensure safety.  We’ve heard plenty of stories of Note 7s overheating and catching on fire. Recent reports say reports that in the US along 70 Note 7 batteries have overheated.

I doubt Samsung would bring this to the US as they would need to go through carriers to do it, but this shows how serious they are about this recall. They recognized the battery issue earlier this month and immediately began shipping new Note 7s without the battery issue.  It’s estimated that this cost Samsung about 26 million in market value.

I have to commend Samsung for staying on top of this and doing what they need to do. Outside of this recall the Note 7 is one of the best smartphones of 2016, and while we have to wait a bit for our review, we did give you al the info you need to know about this great device despite the battery recall.

We want to urge people with a Galaxy Note 7. Please trade in your device for a new one. The recall is real, and we want you to be safe and enjoy your new smartphone without worry.

Source: AP, Engadget

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