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Samsung QD-Display Globally Certified by SGS for Pro Gaming Verified and Eye Care Display

SGS certifies exceptional performance of Samsung QD-Display  

QD-Display monitor awarded certifications for Pro Gaming Verified and Eye Care Display 


SEOUL, South KoreaMarch 8, 2022 – As an industry leader in the premium display market, Samsung Display today announced that its QD (Quantum Dot)-Display, a display suited for a variety of consumer needs, received two additional certifications for Pro Gaming Verified and Eye Care Display. Awarded by SGS, the world-leading certification company, QD-Display received high marks for its outstanding image quality and viewing experience for games and high-definition content, while simultaneously reducing eye stress and fatigue. Previously, the QD-Display received three certifications for its True Color Tones, Pure RGB Luminance and Ultrawide Viewing Angle.  


Through the SGS evaluation, the QD-Display received the highest rating level, Platinum, in Pro Gaming Verified in reflectance, refresh rate, viewing angle, Halo (light leakage) and color. QD-Display offers a fast 0.1ms response speed (Gray to Gray). Additionally, through the certification processes, the QD-Display was proven to achieve a 0.01 ms response speed (Black to White), and a refresh rate of 175Hz for monitors and 144Hz for TVs. Unlike conventional LCD displays, QD-Displays do not have a delay time due to the movement of liquid crystals, since each pixel can be individually adjusted to provide the sharpest image quality possible. Therefore, the QD-Display offers faster screen transitions and clearer picture quality, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in high-resolution games. 

“The need for high-quality monitors has increased substantially as we’ve spent more working and leisure time at home since the start of the pandemic,” says Samsung Display. “We pride ourselves on the fact that QD-Display is the perfect display for consumers looking for the best viewing experience whether they’re participating in video calls or enjoying games and high-definition content.” 

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Meanwhile, Dell Technologies will release the ‘Alienware 34-inch Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3423DW)’ equipped with the QD-Display in the U.S. on March 9. This product supports uninterrupted play and ultra-low latency streaming with a fast response speed and a high refresh rate of 175Hz. It is also equipped with a curved panel with 1800R curvature. At the back of the monitor, an OSD 5-Axis joystick is mounted in the center for easy setting and angle adjustment. In addition, it is equipped with TUV certified ‘ComfortView Plus’ that maintains eye comfort and ‘Creator Mode’ that allows content creators or game developers to freely specify DCI-P3 and sRGB color gamut. 


The QD-Display also received the Eye Care Display certification after demonstrating that harmful blue light emissions from monitors with QD-Displays were less than 11.5%, which is lower than alternative 31.5-inch or larger gaming monitor displays. 


Samsung Display emphasized, “Based on the evaluation, QD-Displays are a great option if you want to avoid eye strain. Even after long hours in front of the screen, users will still experience clear and sharp image quality and quick response speed comfortably – ideal for gamers and even graphic designers.” 



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