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Satya Nadella New Microsoft CEO. Bill Gates Steps Down As Chairman

Microsoft's new CEO is Satya Nadella, Bill Gates steps down as chairman.


Today Microsoft ended their six month long search for a new CEO and have named Satya Nadella the new CEO of Microsoft and he is tasked with leading them into the new devices and services direction the company has restructured itself towards.

Nadella is a 22 year Microsoft veteran, overseeing the server and cloud services business. He was the lead for many of Microsoft’s current consumer cloud services such as Office 365, Bing Search, Xbox Live and Skype. Before coming to Microsoft in 1992 Nadella was with Sun Microsystems now owned by Oracle.

In other big news, Bill Gates has stepped down as Chairman of the Board at Microsoft and has a new role as Tech Advisor and will work closely with Nadella with the new direction of Microsoft going forward.  John Thompson former CEO of Symantec will take Chairman seat.

Microsoft is looking to push into devices and services and the latter is where the money and power is. You can’t have great devices without solid services running them an Satya Nadella looks to be the CEO that will be capable of putting Microsoft in the best position for this. Now the question left is will he be as Steve Ballmer was for many years as the face of the company? Or will he lead and allow another to do so. Only time will tell but the new era of Microsoft has begun and it going to be led by Satya Nadella. See his first interview as the new CEO below. Also find a video from Bill Gates announcing Satya as the new CEO and you can fine the former CEO Steve Ballmer’s e-mail to the team here along with more news on the new CEO announcement here



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