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Subjekt Pulse Bluetooth Headphones Review

Subjekt gives us a chance to review their very stylish Pulse Bluetooth Headphones. Does the quality live up to the style? Read on to find out.


When you first pull out the Pulse headphones you will immediately notice the solid build quality they have. The headband is made of plastic but it’s a thick and solid plastic that feels study and slightly flexible. Each earpiece is shaped like a square which gives it a unique look and feel and can extend out which shows that inside the plastic there is a nice metal band.  The controls are on the right of the headphones and the overall look of the headphone give it nice space look and looks like something out of an early version of Star Trek.  Good hardware build from Subjekt.


Bluetooth connectivity was easy with no issues. The controls on the side allow you to do basic music functionality with skipping between tracks back and forth and turn the volume up and down. You currently can’t rewind or fast forward with the controls on the headphones. The track skipping currently doesn’t work with Apple products but will work with Android devices and works with my Cowon S9.

The audio quality sounds good for local content on the device. I did notice when going though Slacker for stream the audio volume level went down noticeably. You can use these headphones for making calls and you will see in the video with Thunder E the quality is good but sometimes it can sound as if its being enhanced too much and can come off loud on the other side.


Subjekt put together here a good pair of Bluetooth Headphones for those looking to cut the wires with their mobile devices.  Their comfortable and stylish and can work on everything from your iPhone/iPod to Android device to even your laptop.  At the mid price range that this is in. it’s a good buy.


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  • hallooo Warren, i am a great fan of these Subjekt PLS-9400 Supra-aural Pulse Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. I am shopping for similar ones both in shape and performance. Which ones can you recommend.